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Duties and Responsibilities:

1.        Responsible for processing reusable items, decontamination, sorting, assembling and packaging items for sterilization.
2.        Responsible for implementing traffic control by strictly maintaining and following sterile and non-sterile area.
3.        Responsible for receiving and recording used patient treatment items from all clinical areas as they are returned to Decontamination area.
4.        Responsible for performing routine procedures in Decontamination area: sort contaminated items and thoroughly  clean routine surgical instruments and equipment following manufacturers’ instructions and established guidelines for effective bio-burden  removal
5.        Responsible for inspecting routine medical instrumentation for surface corrosion and test for working condition.
6.        Responsible for assembling and packing basic instrument sets and routine procedural trays.
7.        Responsible for loading and unloading sterilizer chambers without damage to the integrity of packages.
8.        Responsible for inspecting stored, sterile packaged products for stock rotation and event-related shelf life.
9.        Responsible for receiving and recording supplies, new equipment and instruments for processing.
10.     Responsible for monitoring and replenishing solutions in metered dispensing washers, ultrasonic units and other automated cleaning equipment.
11.    Responsible for operating and maintaining steam autoclaves, keeping records of loads completed, items in loads, and maintenance procedures performed.
12.    Responsible for performing and interpreting air removal test (Bowie-dick test) and records daily result
13.    Responsible for performing and interpreting quality assurance test (biological indicator) and records daily result.
14.    Responsible for notifying infection control when sterilization fails to initiate recall process.
15.    Responsible for recording sterilizer test result.
16.    Quality and Safety:
-          Responsible for compliance with DSFH - Riyadh policies and procedures and accreditation standards.
-          Responsible for demonstration and maintenance of competence in all mandatory unit specific and generic competencies.
-          Responsible for identification and reporting of defective or broken equipment, safety hazards and environmental hazards.
-          Responsible for demonstrating sensitivity to patients’ complaints and concerns. Initiating the nursing or administrative chain of command if unable to resolve patient issues.
-          Responsible for demonstration of knowledge and understanding of work related KPIs.
-          Responsible for working with other health care team members in patient care improvement initiatives and activities designed for the improvement for patient care outcomes.
-          Responsible for participation in fire drills, disaster drills and mock codes.
-          Responsible for completing all assigned task oriented responsibilities.
-          Responsible for maintaining patient confidentiality at all times.
17.    Teamwork and corporate responsibility:
-          Responsible for presenting a positive corporate image to the community
-          Responsible for fostering collaborative harmonious relationships with colleagues and all members of the multidisciplinary team.
-          Responsible for demonstration of effective communication skills when interacting with patients and families, other members of the healthcare team and colleagues and co-workers.
-          Other duties assigned within the scope of responsibility and requirements of the job.
18.    Demonstrates compassionate communication skills while providing support and care to the patients as “the patient is the center of our care”.
19.    This JD is not intended to be inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties and tasks as required to meet the developing need and expectations of DSFH - R In addition to the adherence to this JD, Employee must, at all times, comply with DSFH - R Internal Rules and Regulations and updated Policies and Procedures as well as department’s Rules and Regulations

Other Job Functions:

1.       Perform all duties and tasks in line with the Person Centered Care values.
2.       Adherence to all policies, plans and programs within the Fakeeh Care- Riyadh.
3.       Perform duties as per the code of conduct requirement and ethical standards as outlined in the HCM policies and guidelines.
4.       Complete mandatory education as per the requirement at least one month prior to expiration.
5.       Maintain up to date knowledge on information relating to quality and safety, accreditation, policy management and document management systems.
6.       Knowledge of safety and Environmental concerns according to Fakeeh Care - Riyadh policy and procedure.
7.       Monitors and reports any issues related to safety in the immediate work area i.e. frayed or tattered electrical cords, faulty equipment that poses a risk to staff operating it, maintaining a clean uncluttered work area.
8.       Is able to verbalize and demonstrate understanding of the reporting mechanism (OVR system) for any risk identified in the performance of the performance job duties.
9.       Is able to identify appropriate waste procedures for office materials (paper, empty ink cartridges) and equipment as to not pose an environmental contamination risk.
10.    Is able to verbalize understanding of safety procedures in the event of an internal or external disaster and the role they will participate in.

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