Professor in Medical Education

Fakeeh College for Medical Sciences
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Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designs and be responsible for the content of specific areas of teaching and learning within the program.
  • Uses innovative, interactive, and student-centered teaching strategies in the theoretical sessions.
  • Provides support for students on practical sessions, fieldwork, or clinical training, as required.
  • Adheres to defined course specifications,Learning Outcomes (LOs), teaching and learning strategies, and methods of assessment; and to contribute to the preparation of the program report.
  • Reviews and selects textbooks and other instructional materials that facilitate learning.
  • Completes teaching load and other academic responsibilities as per College regulations.
  • Guides and supports to enhance the quality of teaching and learning process at the College and ensures that the quality assurance standards and procedures are followed.
  • Ensuresthat student feedback on teaching is sought through questionnaires and othermethods, and to respond constructively to such feedback.
  • Preparesthe course reports at the end of each course and creation of plans forimprovement for the next semester.
  • Preparesthe course portfolios that includes documents of teaching, learning andassessment activities throughout the course.
  • Participatesin the preparation of the program portfolio that include major programdocuments such as program specification, program annual report, program surveyresults.
  • Participatesin the continuous review and development of the curriculum.
  • Participatesin the peer review and assessment processes.
  • Supervisesundergraduate and post-graduate student’s research projects and dissertation.
  • Supervisesstudent’s assignments and project work.
  • Engagesstudents in fair and equal scholarly activities and to report academicmisconduct as needed.
  • Contributesto the assessment and development of the FCMS strategic plan.
  • Contributesto the assessment and development of the departmental/program “OperationalPlan”.
  • Participatesin program and institutional committees and working groups.
  • Monitorsthe program plans, including scientific research and community engagement.
  • Participates and contributes to the development of institutional plans.
  • Contribute to the activities of departments and units within the College.
  • Participates-in professional and academic development programs.
  • Participates-in community engagement activities.
  • Makes a full active research contribution, both individually and in collaboration with others.
  • Participates-in scholarly and research activities related to their respective disciplines.
  • Attends and presents research findings and papers at national and international conferences and to contribute to the reputation of the College.
  • Publishes a minimum of two peer-reviewed papers per year in journals with appropriate impact factors, using the available funds to support research within the College.
  • Acts as are search mentor for junior staff members and students and leads research teams.
  • Becommitted to quality assurance and improvement guided by the Internal QualityAssurance System (IQAS) (part of the FCMS – Quality Management System).
  • Participates-in program self-evaluation process.
  • Undertakes specific departmental roles and management functions as required by the authorities.
  • Other duties as assigned within the scope of responsibility and requirements of the job.
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