Echocardiography Technician

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    Duties and Responsibilities:

  • ECHOCARDIOGRAMS Transthoracic Echocardiogram ( TTE ): A. Performs 2D echo Doppler studies on adult, pediatric and neonatal patients and writes down the preliminary results B. Notifies cardiologist of suspected abnormalities necessitating immediate attention (e.g. Pericardial tamponade, cardiac tumors, malfunctioning valve prosthesis and complex congenital heart disease, etc.) C. Prepares reports / videos of patients for official reading of the Consultant Cardiologist. D. Maintains documentation and down-time equipment used in the Echo lab E. Maintains statistics, patient record and area monthly report f. Reports to supervisor / department head any staff problems / malfunction of the echo equipment G. Requests and obtains outpatients charts on all scheduled patients H. Maintains supplies as needed for the examination room I. Maintains daily the examination room in a clean and orderly environment for patient care ( including changing the bed sheets ) J. Maintains daily census record of Echo procedures completed.
  • Trans-esophageal Echocardiogram ( TEE ) A. Performs pre-procedure equipment preparation and sterilization and acquisition of signed consent form B. Acquires quick history and physical examination about the nature of the disease C. Helps the patient to understand what to expect, alleviate anxiety and enhance compliance during TEE examination. Also a brief drug and allergy history or dysphagia or esophageal disease should be elicited D. I.V. line to administer sedation or emergency medications E. Advises patient to remove dentures and places the mouth piece F. Instructs the patient to lie on his left lateral position with neck and knee bent forward and swallowing during intubations with nasal breathing G. Be alert in monitoring vital signs and complications H. Monitor s the patient after the procedure at least 1-2 hours for potential complication of the procedures, anesthetic or sedative. I. Maintains census record of the procedure completed 3. Stress Test A. Treadmill Exercise Test, Dobutamine Stress Test, Exercise Sestamibi and Presenting Sestamibi B. Prior to the test, explains the procedure to the patient :
  • to dress comfortably ( e.g. loose fitting, light weight clothing and sports shoes
  • not to eat a heavy meal 4-8 hours before the test C. Asks the patient to sign a consent form as per policy D. Explains the procedure in detail and re-assure the patient if he/she is anxious E. Garment/s above the waist should be removed temporarily in order to attach 10 disposable electrodes F. Prepares the skin area where the electrodes are to be attached like shaving the area if necessary, rubbing the skin vigorously with alcohol swabs G. Connects the lead wires to the patient’s electrodes (lead wires are color coded). Position the cable yoke so that the cable does not interrupt the patient when he/she is on the treadmill H. Records ECG preferably with the patient lying and standing I. Takes the patient’s blood pressure, preferably with the patient lying and standing J. Sets the maximum heart rate to be reached for the patient in question K. Ensures the crash cart is ready for use should an emergency arise L. Maintains daily census record of the procedure completed 4. Holter Monitoring A. Explains the test to the patient B. Asks the patient to remove clothing above the waist C. Skin preparation: shaves hair if necessary, rub the electrodes sites several times with alcohol swabs D. Attaches the electrodes for a two channel recording as shown in the operator’s manual. Fix the electrodes with adhesive plaster E. Attaches the cable lead wires following color coding as shown in the operator’s manual. Makes stress loops to prevent from pulling the electrodes F. After 24 hours, switch off the monitor and disconnect the patient cable lead wires from the electrodes. Take off and discard the electrodes G. Process the unit in the c



    BS Medical Technology or any related medical field.


    3 – 5 years of practical experience,


    English and Arabic Required Licenses: SCHS , MOH License
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